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Welcome to Russell's Taxidermy

Russell's Taxidermy was started in 1990 by me, owner/operator Mark Russell, a graduate of Story's School of Taxidermy located in Spencer, Iowa. I strive for nothing but the highest quality craftsmanship in this shop. To achieve this, nothing but the best materials on the market are used to do your mounts. All skins are sent out to be commercially tanned to provide a quality job.

I have competed in many state shows ranging from Maine to Connecticut, winning first place, best of category, and best of show. I am currently a four time first place and best of category winner in the Master division of Whitetail in Maine. Whitetails are one of my favorite animals to mount, but I am also comfortable and familiar with other game such as bear, moose, small and large mammals, and birds. I perform all work personally to provide an end product that I am proud of. I accept work from all over the United States, Canada, and abroad.

To help provide a quality mount, I suggest that you take proper care of your mount so there are no problems with the tanning procedure and mounting. One of the biggest problems I see is salt being applied to the skin and then put in the freezer, the salt will actually work to keep the hide from freezing causing it to go bad in your freezer. I suggest that you freeze anything you are going to mount as soon as possible to stop bacteria, then either ship it next day air or hand deliver it to my shop to be processed. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I hope you enjoy the collection of pictures of my work, check back regularly for updates.



Mark Russell is a Taxidermist specializing in Wildlife Taxidermy, Deer Taxidermist, Bird Taxidermy, & Mount Taxidermy, Turkey Taxidermy and more!

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